Battlefront sequel set for a Fall 2017 release


During an Investor’s call EA has confirmed a launch window for EA DICE’s follow up to last year’s Star Wars Battlefront, the first of game from their exclusive deal with Disney to handle any video games (except for mobile games) based on the Star Wars Franchise. When asked about the upcoming title, EA chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen confirmed that the sequel is coming “a year from now.” Setting us in a vague launch window of Fall 2017.

It’s understandable that EA would push a follow up to the 2015 shooter, as the game did quite well critically and more importantly, financially, despite the criticism of a lack of single-player campaign. The game will be seeing an Ultimate Edition featuring all the DLC for less of the current season pass price, which will be released on November 18th, with the final Rogue One inspired DLC coming in December.

Of course with an exclusive dealing like this, we will be seeing more Star Wars based games further down the line, with Visceral working on an Action Adventure title with former Uncharted director at the helm and Titanfall developer Respawn working on a 3rd person action game based on the franchise.