Battlefield Hardline multiplayer maps and modes announced


EA has announced some of the new maps and gameplay modes we can expect to see in the cops’n’robbers shooter Battlefield Hardline, giving a full rundown at their website.

Several of these maps caught our eyes, from the classics Battlefield style Riptide, which features a sandy beach local that has been a staple to the series multiplayer, to the more Heist Movie oriented like Bank Job, which pits you around financial insitutes, and Hollywood Heights which will have players going through a high priced housing district. The game will have 9 maps available at launch, and we’re expecting to hear news of DLC Maps in the near future because it wouldn’t be Battlefield without ridiculous season pass.

Returning multiplayer modes from the Battlefield series is Conquest, where teams (up to 64 people at once on PC, PS4 and Xbox one,) fight to control key points in the map. New modes include Blood Money, which both cops and robbers attempt to steal money from the opposing team vault, and the highly advertised Hotwire mode, which is a vehicle focused mode where robbers attempt to steal a list of cars while cops chase them down causing high speed chases and gun-battles.

Battlefield Hardline is set for a March 17th release on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 and a open beta is expected for all consoles before this date.