Battleborn getting Borderland skins with next update

While Gearbox’s MOBA-Shooter Battleborn still is struggling to hold players after its Free Trial transition, Gearbox is still working on the game to provide further updates. Talk about dedication. While there upcoming Fall update is still a ways away and some details are minimal, we do know that Gearbox is finally bringing some Borderlands skins to Battleborn.

Gearbox showed off 6 premium skins during their PAX Panel this weekend, which included Alani as Maya, Caldarius with Maliwan branding, El Dragón as a Psycho, ISIC as Claptrap, Orendi as Tiny Tina, and Rath as Zer0. To top it off, ISIC and Rath will also come with new audio to match the characters. We also know that the fall update will bring a new PvP map and a bunch of character updates.

We want to hear from you, is Battleborn dead or does knowing that the series is still being worked on brings hope that more people are going to join?