Bandai Namco announces new Gundam project for PS4

Bandai Namco took to the stage at Sony’s Tokyo Game Show earlier this week to show off a brand new Mobile Suit Gundam video game, set to be released exclusively to the PS4. Announced with a special trailer showing 15 years of the Gundam series and its evolution.

The newest title at this time is currenlty titled “Gundam Versus” as a throw to the recent Gundam VS series that has seen positive response from fans and critics of the series. The quick glimpse of the game that we see in the trailer shows off some destructible environments and robots punching each other in the face… Pretty much what we’ve come to expect from a Gundam game, but with a significant graphical update thanks to the PS4’s power.

No release date has been given as of yet, however we will keep you posted on any news about the upcoming Mech-fighter.