Bandai Namco announces Little Witch Academia for PS4

Studio Trigger’s Little Witch Academia has been a runaway hit, first released as a 53-minute anime film back in 2013, the series gained a following enough to help back a sequel via Kickstarter and now has secured a 25-episode series and two one-off mangas.

So what’s the next step for Akko and her friends? Video Games obviously. Bandai Namco has announced that they’ll be producing a Little Witch Academia video game exclusively for PS4 under the title Little Witch Academia: Magic of Time and Seven Wonders. The game is slated for release this year in Japan, however no information has been given for a North American or Europe release at the moment.

A quick teaser trailer (below) was also released, which seemed to mesh cel-shading and the series hand-drawn animation together along with some side-scrolling action which could possibly lead to some classical RPG battles. We’re really hoping this one gets announced for North America and Europe soon.