Attack on Titan slashes its way to console in August.


The latest Attack on Titan video game adaptation that is being developed by Dynasty Warriors developer, Omega-Force, will be swinging its way to PS4 and Xbox One on August 30th 2016 according to publisher Koei Tecmo. The game will also see a digital release on PS4, Vita, and PC.

The game will be based on the first season of the hit anime series, which tells the story of a team of young military cadets in a steam-punk inspired world as they defend the last walls of humanity against disturbing man-eating giants. The game will feature a combination of cutscenes and combat gameplay, the later insists of using grappling hooks at high speed to slice down the giant Titans.

This adaptation of Attack on Titan was released in Japan earlier this year, however it is not the first game from the property. In 2013, a 3DS version of the show was released in Japan and was later localized for North America last year. You can see the gallery for the upcoming giant-slashing game below.