Assassin’s Creed movie trailer released!

While I’ll openly admit that I’m not the biggest Assassin’s Creed fan out there, I still respect the game and enjoy the series from time to time. So you can imagine how confused I was at the high pitched noise and the shaking in my boots that happened after I saw the first official trailer for Assassin’s Creed starring Michael Fassbender.

There is a lot going on in this trailer, as we see scenes set in the present time with Fassbender’s character being brought to Abstergo with a really sweet Animus, and then promptly thrown into the Spanish Inquisition, where Fassbender’s Ancestor runs across rooftops in true parkour fashion, and show off some well choreographed fight scenes involving a number of different weapons, all set to a Kayne West track (something we’d come to expect from Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed trailers).

Assassin’s Creed hits Theatres this December!