Ash of Gods seeks funding via Kickstarter

For those who have a dark Strategy RPG need to scratch might want to keep an eye on Ash of Gods by indie developers AurumDust Studio. Ash of the Gods is a isometric Strategy game which is inspired by The Banner Saga and features rotoscope animation.

In Ash of Gods, choices you pick and battles you fight will affect the story and the world around you as your team’s resources and time are limited. The developers have teased that characters can be lost throughout the journey, hinting that the game will have a permadeath feature which also extends to your main character. Despite the death of the leader character, players will still be able to continue the adventure and which may lead to a different ending.

The game is stated for a Windows, Mac & Linux release via Steam, GOG and Humble, and will also come to consoles for Xbox One and PS4. The team is currently seeking $75,000 for funding via Kickstarter, at the time of writing this article, they have currently reached $23,253 and have 22 days left. Check out the Kickstarter for a better look at the game and to help fund it.