Archie Comics brings X into the Mega Man Comic storyline


In a recent interview with Polygon, Archie Comic writer Ian Flynn gave a bit of details about the upcoming story arc in their long-running Mega Man comic. The arc titled “Dawn of X” will bridge the gap between the classic Mega Man and the Mega Man X series, two parts of a single franchise separated by over a century of storyline.

As the Mega Man series amps up to the events of Mega Man 3, Mega Man is hunting down a band of deadly thieves who happen to be Powerful Robots. Meanwhile, far into the future, X is at the dawn of a new era where Humans and Reploids must learn to co-exists. Now how these two franchises will cross has yet to be revealed .

Ian Flynn stated that the Dawn of X was in part to satisfy fans, saying he feels he is “standing on the shoulders of giants” in terms of creating content for the Mega Man universe and that bringing X into the picture was something that has been widely requested by readers since the comic’s launch, describing the fan as “passionate” and “ravenous.”

“When we announced we were doing a Mega Man comic, we were met with tons of happy anticipation,” he explained, “and the first question on everyone’s lips was: ‘When will you get to Mega Man X?’ X and his story is the most demanded thing we’ve heard since launch, and you gotta give the people what the want.”

He later went on to add: “It may be hard to admit, mostly because it makes me feel old, but Mega Man and Mega Man X are classic franchises, we remember them fondly for a reason, but the next generation of comic readers and gamers need to be reminded or taught why these properties were so cool. We’ve been doing that for a few years now with Mega Man, and so his comic provides the perfect vehicle to bring readers into the ‘new’ world of Mega Man X.”

Mega Man #37 will be available on May 21 2014, with the next two issues in the crossover, #38 and #39, available on June 18 and July 16, respectively.