AMD Aims For Mainstream

With the announcement of the new Polaris 10/11 cards to be launched June 29th; some details have trickled out ahead of time.

While many AMD fans have been hoping for a card that could directly compete with Nvidia’s beastly GTX1080, or even its 1070 counterpart, AMD has aimed its primary sights on mainstream consumers instead.    Now while these new cards are much more power efficient, they are being touted as having a performance range somewhere between the 390 and Fury.  The real appeal for them would be the budget-minded builders, if they are due for a new card, can get something that can still handle VR seamlessly without breaking the bank.    The exact pricing points haven’t been set in stone, but the 480 is being suggested to have a $200 price for the 4GB card; while its 8GB card will be anywhere from $230-250.



AMD seems to be taking the similar approach with the new GPUs with Nvidia as it did with the CPU market against Intel.

We’ll see later this year if this interesting shift in strategy pays off in increased market share!