Alloy VR shown off by Intel


Revealed by Intel CEO Bryan Krzanich, there’s a new upcoming dead-mounted display that goes by the codename “Project Alloy”; and it’s key selling point is that it will be untethered, unlike today’s current commercially available platforms.

Combining RealSense tech with the graphics, sensors, batteries; Project Alloy allows the player to have more freedom in their movements without having to worry about accidentally pulling their desktop or laptop down.   Accidentally ramming your shin into the coffee table is still a different matter though.

the RealSense cameras allow for greater depth sensing, even bringing your hand into the virtual world by its tracking tech, complete with all 5 movable digits and articulation according to Intel.  We’ll have to see it to believe it, because that’s something yet to be perfected in a simpler fashion.

One thing that still needs to be worked on is the graphics; which some people reported don’t compare just yet, however with a launch window for next year there is still plenty of time to get on that.  More interesting though is there appears to be some involvement with Microsoft; where it seems users can natively use the Windows Holographic Shell that’s due to release in a future Windows 10 update.  This would not only curve your desktop into virtual space, but also get creative with 2d and 3d applications as well.

Obviously this is just a prototype still; but it will be interesting to see what the final product can do; and what sort of impact it can bring to the new VR market.