Akira Yamaoka returns to Silent Hill for a one night only concert in UK



The Silent Hill series is known for it’s deep psychological horror, intriguing stories and, of course, an amazing soundtrack, which is thanks to series composer Akira Yamaoka. Luckily for us, later this fall, Konami will reunite with Yamaoka for a special celebration of the series music with Silent Hill Live, a series of one night only concerts in the UK.

The show will be coming to 5 UK cities including Bristol (October 29), Cardiff (October 30), London (November 1), Southampton (November 2), and Manchester (November 3). Each will include Akira Yamaoka and a live band covering the series most iconic scores.


Tickets will go on sale Friday, September 11th from seetickets.com and will cost between £25 and £28. The show will be age restricted to 14 and up in Bristol, Cardiff, and Southampton, while London and Manchester will be restricted to 18 years and up.

Currently there is no word on what the night will entail, or if voice actress/singer Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and occasional band-mate Troy Baker will be part of the show.  (See below for their live performance back in 2011 which also featured “Take Me To Hell (Broken Dreams)” from Shadows of the Damned)