Agents of Mayhem, new Open-World Superhero game from Saints Row creators

Deep Silver and Saints Row devs, Volition Studio, released the first cinematic trailer for their upcoming game, Agents of Mayhem; a open-word Superhero game which puts you in the shoes of a super-agent for M.A.Y.H.E.M (or the Multi National Agency for Hunting Evil Masterminds) who must save the world from L.E.G.I.O.N. (League of Evil Gentlemen intent on obliterating Nations).

The first trailer showed off three agents taking on a giant super-weapon, while showing off special powers such as combat drones, grapple hooks and decoys. Saints Row fans will also note that the trailer has a pretty specific colour theme, also one of the backers of MAYHEM has “Ultor” written on their call name, and the trailer ends with a purple fleur-de-lis.


All of this indicates that this is part of the Saints Row Universe, which mean we can expect that the game will share some of the crazy over-the-top action that we’ve come to expect from the team. The game is currently listed for a 2017 release, you can check out the cinematic trailer above, and 3 screenshots from the game’s Amazon Page

Image and video credit: IGN

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