AGDQ 2015 Charity Steam now live!


It’s that time of year again for the biannual speedrunner marathon; Awesome Games Done Quick.  For the uninitiated, these are videogame pros that race to beat world records on older games while they stream it live on twitch for a straight week, nonstop, for charity.  (150 straight hours!)

This year they will be donating to the Prevent Cancer Foundation with a goal of raising half a million dollars by the end of it.  Donations are done with incentives for various things such as adding bonus games to the marathon, giving character names in predetermined games, or deciding what “path” a speedrunner will take in a game. (the most famous of this is deciding whether to save or kill the animals at the end of Super Metroid)

Check it out in the link below; it’s a great cause and unbelievably impressive with how fast some of these games can be beat!

Or if you wish to watch on twitch directly: