Adventures of Mana possible Vita Release in the west


Early last week Square Enix released a remake of Adventures of Mana worldwide, which was known here in the west as Final Fantasy Adventure back in 1991 for the Game Boy.

Japan will have the game on three platforms: Android, iOS or PS Vita, while the rest of the world can only enjoy the mobile versions…So far.

The developer suggests that might change, according to a recent update.

“We’ve been listening to your feedback,” the developer wrote, “and because of your passion for the game, we’re going to look into making a PS Vita version of Adventures of Mana for the west.

“We can’t guarantee we’ll be able to make this happen but we will see what we can do,”

Square Enix Europe amended its announcement of Adventures of Mana’s release with a tweet as well:

If you absolutely must play this game regardless of which platform you’re on, Adventures of Mana is available now on The App Store and Google Play


Same storyline, way better graphics.