ABSOLVER brings PVP, PVE Martial Arts Combat next year

I’m a hardcore sucker for Martial Arts related projects, which is probably why you see me going crazy about new fighting games or whenever Jade Empire is talked about. So it’s only natural that I lost my $#!% when I saw the latest trailer for Ex-Ubisoft devs, Sloclap, and publisher Devolver Digital’s upcoming Martial Arts based MMO, ABSOLVER.

The upcoming MMO will place players in the shoes of a member of an elite corps of combatants, called Prospects, who must fight to maintain order and please the Guides, the new rulers of the fallen Adal Empire. Players will meet other Prospects online and be able to battle or join forces in order to appease the Guides and become Absolvers.

Combat take place in real time between fighters, with players executing devastating attacks, dodges, and parries in 1 on 1 or 3 against 3 battles. Players will be allowed to customize their style with the combat deck, allowing them to choose their style, weapon of choice, and their attacks to dictate the flow of combat.

“The studio is excited to debut our first game with Devolver Digital and get it into the hands of gamers and media at E3; Absolver is the result of our combined experiences in game development and we believe that our team has created something special together,” said Pierre de Margerie, creative lead at developer Sloclap. “We think the world would be a much better place if there were no guns. Then we could finally focus on important things, like sword fighting and how to kill a man with one punch.”

“Our extensive, international focus groups illustrate that people want to be able to punch faceless, nameless strangers over the internet,” notes Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker in the game’s press release. “Absolver is going to be your digital outlet for real-time, fluid beatdowns of those that stand against you.”

If you happen to be at E3 next month, you can check out Absolver for yourself at the Devolver Digital tailgate June 14 – 17, there will also be a special Twitch broadcast of the game on June 13 at 5:00PM Pacific at twitch.tv/twitch.