$8K Xbox bill from a teen who used his Dad’s Credit Card on microtransactions refunded


Prior to Christmas Break, Pembroke, Ont. Lance Perkins received a bill from his Credit Card provider which had a $7,625 charge on it from Microsoft. The fraudulent charges came from his 17-year-old son, who used the credit card to make purchases on Microtransactions in FIFA. Perkins added up all the charges done by his son via his Xbox to a grand total of $8,206.43.

The news broke nationally a few days after Perkins noticed, in which he contacted Microsoft and his credit card company. At the time both companies were unable to do anything as part of their terms and agreement, however all future charges would be stop by the credit card company. Perkins said he had given his son a credit card for emergencies or to make purchases for the family’s convenience store, while he was aware of the possible charge for Xbox Live, Perkins said in an interview with CBC that he was “floored” when he saw the charges.

“There will never be another Xbox system — or any gaming system — in my home.” Perkins said in the interview.

However there is some good news to this story. While originally both Microsoft and the Credit Card company stated they could do nothing without actively charging his 17-year-old son with Fraud, after Microsoft learned that his son was a minor, they reviewed his charges and refunded him of all the charges.

“Let’s thank (Xbox) for making that choice,” he told CBC News in a text message.