4 in February – Game It All edition

February is upon us, which means we get to look at our extensive backlog that was built up over the years and say enough! This game will be beaten!

That is the idea behind Four in February, a challenge that has been around the internet for a while and started by former Joystiq writer Mike Suszek. The challenge is simple, pick 4 games, and beat them within the month. There is no other rules to the challenge. While since it’s inception I have enjoyed the idea and look forward to it every February (you may have heard Pino and I talk about this on the Podcast). This year a bunch of the team members will be taking on the challenge. Here are what we’ll be focusing on through February.

If you want to join in on Four in February, check out the Facebook page and let people know what you’re playing.

Jeremy – “PINO25”


It’s time to do 4 in February and this year the theme that i will be going with is “Under Rated Games.” So i pick these 4 games because they were amazing titles that just didn’t get the praise that they deserved and some of the reasons for this is that the marketing campaign was weak, another game over shadowed it’s released,  or it just didn’t sell well.

Here are the game:
1. The Saboteur from Pandemic Studios, released December 8, 2009.
2. Singularity From Raven Software, released June 29, 2010.
3. Alpha Protocol From Obsidian Entertainment, released June 1, 2010.
4. Brütal Legend from Double Fine Productions, released October 13, 2009.

So will see if i can complete all 4 of these games in February, but there is a bonus this year we get an extra day.

Sly – “Pentavus”


Dragon’s Crown – Vanillaware / Atlus
Vita – don’t even have the stables yet
A classic sidescroller beat em up that’s been attempted by me multiple time to no avail as a co-op game, thus doing it solo this time.

tozTales of Zestiria – Namco Bandai
PS4 – Like 10 hours ish in the game
It’s a tales game, self descriptive. It’s “tropes in a jrpg”. I’ve just been putting this on the back burner for too long.

bombermanBomberman 64 – Hudson Soft
N64 – Fresh start
What if Bomberman was an action adventure game in 3D? I beat this a long time ago in a galaxy far far away (my hometown). I recently got the game again and figured why not.

disgaea5Disgaea 5 – NIS
PS4 – Chapter 11 completed.
An over the top Strategy RPG. Not really any reason, actively playing the game, just gonna finish it in February soooo, cheesing this list.

Morgan – “MoogieMoe”


Wolf Among Us – Telltale
PS4 – Haven’t started yet
Telltale does it’s amazing thing with the Fables graphic novels.
I’ve had this game sitting in my library for a while now, and I keep hearing good things about it. Now seems like the time to do so!

batmanknightBatman Arkham Knight – WBI
PS4 – 10% ish
Not long after Joker’s death, Batman now must save Gotham/Arkham from Scarecrow’s fear gas and this ‘Arkham Knight’.
This is the game that came with my ps4 and I’m disappointed with myself that I haven’t even finished it yet

untildawn3Until Dawn – Sony
PS4 – Beaten before, but not the ending wanted nor 100%
An amazing Survival Horror game that is 2 parts 90/80’s slasher film, 1 part Season One of Supernatural.
I played this once before with my housemates, and someone caused me to mess up the last point. It seriously angers me and I need to fix this. ASAP.

ps4vitaskullgirlsSkullGirls 2nd Encore – Lab Zero/Autumn Games
PS4 – 0%
Classic fighting game with great characters and an interesting theme and art style.
I recently got this tbh, and wanted to try it out!

Korey “Adilaris”

my four picks are all games I had started at one point but never finished. Not because I didn’t like the game, but because other things came up or their save files had corrupted a long while ago; fizzling motivation haha.

Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana from NIS (PS2)

Dying Light from Techland (Steam)

Shovel Knight from Yatch Club Games (Steam)

The Walking Dead (season 1) from Telltale Games (Steam)

Lucas – “Grimm”


Batman Arkham Knight – WB Games/Rocksteady
PS4 – 50% Completion.
This is my second attempt at Arkham Knight, the ending was spoiled for me shortly after the game was launched and drove me to not care to play the game anymore. As I’m now 50% through, I realize that I was dumb and need to focus on beating it.


Transistor – Supergiant Games
PS4 – Starting New
I may have made only 20% completion during my first playthrough so starting over isn’t a total lost. It is a lovely game with lovely music, I don’t know why I haven’t beaten it already?


Earth Defense Force 4.1 Shadows of New Despair – XSEED/D3
PS4 – 10 levels in
I’ve been told there is 88 missions, not including bonus side missions in this game, and for how much fun I’m having as a Wing Diver flying through destroying everything, I think this is going to be one of the games I’ll be able to put more attention to.


Tales from the Borderlands
PS4 – New
Being told that Telltale’s Tales from the Borderlands is good isn’t enough for me, I need to see just how well Telltale can take their classic point and click formulat.