3DS and PC to have a Corpse Party later this year

XSEED’s twisted Visual Novel, Corpse Party, is coming to PC and to the Nintendo 3DS this summer. Originally released on the PSP in 2011, the new editions of Corpse Party will feature content that has never before been released outside of Japan.

The PC version of the game is currently set for an April 25 on Steam, GOG.com, and the Humble Store for $14.99. While the 3DS version does not have a release date at the moment, XSEED specifically mentioned that the updated handheld version of the game will feature redrawn, high-resolution character sprites, newly arranged music tracks, and 3D art stills, as well as four new Extra Chapters that provide insight into lesser-shown characters and plot elements previously left unexplained.

On top of this, the 3DS will also receive a limited ‘Back to School’ Edition of the game, which will include high-quality miniature figurines of characters Naomi Nakashima and Seiko Shinohara, as well as a soundtrack CD containing nearly 80 minutes of music from the game not previously featured on the ‘Songs of the Dead’ compilation, including three tracks exclusive to this Nintendo 3DS version. This edition will be priced at $49.99, while the digital version of the game will only be $29.99.

For those unaware of the gorey-supernatural-horror-Visual Novel, Corpse Party puts players in control of several Japanese High Schoolers who inadvertently engage in a pagan ritual, now being forced into the otherside where ghosts wander the halls of Heavenly Host Elementary School, where a series of gruesome murders occurred.

Players must guide the characters through uniquely engrossing horror experience, as they attempt to avoid the games 20+ ‘wrong ends’, which can have more than one character meet their death in some extremely graphic ways including buried alive, forced to swallow scissors or cannibalized by a friend.  Of course the game does have several good endings depending on the characters that survive the game.