Infinity Wars Reborn – Review

As a veteran of CCG’s (playing Magic:The Gathering since 1995), I’m always on the lookout for another decent gaming experience, be it tabletop or digital. I was surprised I had not heard of Infinity Wars before being tapped for this review.

Infinity Wars is a nice little experience. The gimmick of its original setting is a disaster known as “The Calamity”, which fractured the world into multiple realities where each faction in the game is from. It is implied that they are infinite, hence the game’s title. Each faction has its own playstyle and you can choose what kind of deck you prefer by combining different factions together. You get a very good intro with a detailed Campaign mode, which lets you go through a handful of missions with each, choosing a different faction with each chapter, with no set order. Finishing a chapter unlocks the faction’s basic deck for constructed play.

There are 3 total single player game modes, including the aforementioned campaign mode. There is a puzzle mode called “Academy” where you can figure out mini scenarios with different objectives, and a “Premade Bots” where you face a variety of computer programmed opponents.

The multiplayer modes are pretty standard, “Constructed” which has three modes: “Fixed” which you and opponents use preconstructed decks, “Normal” play which allows you to use your own personal deck against live opponents, and finally “Ranked”, which lets you play with a constructed deck in a seasonal ladder. The other multiplayer modes are Draft based, where you get packs of random cards and build a deck, you can practice, and then when you’re ready you can “Open a rift” and enter a survival play mode where you get more rewards the more games you win.

Actual gameplay is very Hearthstone-like. You start with one resource point the first turn, get 2 on the second and so forth, so the later the game the more powerful the plays. The biggest difference, which I think is the best strength of Infinity Wars, is the fact that all your plays are simultaneous. You and your opponent both play your cards, direct your units to attack or defend, and then both of you end your turns, then the game takes over and uses the card animations to play the battle out. After the dust settles, you both play the next turn. It feels almost like a blend of bluffing, chess and gambling. Another huge plus for the game is you have an option during gameplay called “the outpost” where you have 3 choices of options to use your resources if you have no better plays that turn, for example: You can spend 9 resources to start the next turn with one extra point. This offers some flexibility and helps fight against late game stall.

The shop has your usual offerings where you can spend in-game currency (won through playing the different modes) on decks and boosters for the several expansions, as well as new playing fields, avatars and card backs, but all of it is standard fare for the genre.

All in all, Infinity Wars is a solid little game, and it is different enough in very good ways to set it apart from the Magic Duels, Hearthstone and Duelysts of the world. Decent sound, better graphics than any digital card game out there and creative gameplay make it a positive experience. Definitely worth checking out!


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