What can you expect from WWE 2K18

In order to save myself from sports burn-out, I usually avoid sports titles ever other year, with one notable exception being the WWE series. I’ll admit the series has been seeing a decline and is not as strong as it used to be when comparing to the the classic WWE titles like SmackDown: Shut your Mouth, RAW is War, or even SmackDown vs Raw, they still do enough to pull me in for a week or two to invent crazy wrestlers based on my friends and just watch them get the beat down. It’s very therapeutic.

This year looks to be a massive overhaul for the WWE 2K series as 2K has released keypoint of some of the major features for the upcoming title. While most of it talk about a major graphical overhaul and new gameplay additions that will improvements to the game, what got me most excited is the new focus on MyCareer mode.

The MyCareer mode will tell an unique and adaptable storyline in which players can interact with other WWE Superstars in a new free-roaming backstage and tell a new narrative. Of course the 2K Developer Blog sells it a bit better:

“Did you take offense to someone? Are you going to go it alone?  Are you going to align with the General Managers or are you going to let your in-ring prowess speak for itself? The new MyPLAYER experience provides many choices in for how players experience their unfolding stories.”

Another new mode which sounds exciting is the Road to Glory, a Multiplayer focused mode in which players can take their created chararacters (MyPLAYER) and fight to compete in Pay-Per-View events. 2K promises more info on this mode as they get closer to the game’s worldwide launch on October 17th 2017.