Weiss Schnee confirmed for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

The Ice Queen of team RWBY, Weiss Schnee, will be the second cast member from Rooster Teeth’s hit 3D-anime show to join BlazBlue – Cross Tag Battle.

The announcement came earlier this weekend where she was announced at the end of a release trailer, which also featured two returning BlazBlue members, the vampire Rachel Alucard and the sadistic Hazama. The two familiar BlazBlue characters appear to play close to their original counterparts with Rachel delivering on some powerful range and trap attacks while being able to cover a distance quickly, while Hazama uses his control of the screen with chains and devastating kicks. Weiss on the other hand, focuses on range with her dust and ice attacks, however she is able to get quick hits with her Myrtenaster to set up some awesome combos.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is a 2v2 fighter that crosses over Arc System Works more popular titles, BlazBlue, Under Night In-Birth and Persona 4 Arena, as well as Rooster Teeth’s RWBY, in 2v2 tag-team brawls. You can see what we know about the title here.

The trailer also confirmed that BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle will be coming to PS4, Switch and PC in 2018.