Watch_Dogs available for free on PC until Nov 13

Ubisoft’s Open-World Hacker game, Watch_Dogs, is available free for limited time on PC for those who have the UPlay client. The game is available from now until November 13th.

Watch_Dogs was originally released back in 2014 and focused on Aiden Pearce, a skilled hacker out for vengence, while using a cellphone to hack objects such as traffic lights, barricades and cameras. The game was given an univeral “it’s alright” by reviewers with much of the praise coming from the stealth/hacking gameplay, others thought it didn’t live to the hype created at its first apperance at E3 and critized it for its story which was trying too hard to be dark.

Most of this was changed for the better with its sequel, Watch_Dogs 2, which brought in a lighter tone and allowed us to traverse San Francisco, while keeping some of the stealth-hacking gameplay in tact.

Still, free is not a bad price for a decent stealth-action game, and definitely recommend giving it a shot.