Ultimate Chicken Horse comes to consoles

Clever Endeavour games’ party platformer, Ultimate Chicken Horse, is coming to PS4 on December 12th with a Nintendo Switch and Xbox One release to follow soon after.

In Ultimate Chicken Horse, players must competitively build a level by placing traps and platforms in hopes of creating a level too hard for their friends, but easy enough to reach the finish-line. The Playstation 4 launch will also bring new content including the Elephant Character, Jungle Temple and Volcano levels, eight more platforms and traps, and the new Challenge Mode. PC Players will receive this content as part of a free Elephantastic Update.

The new Challenge mode will alow players to build a level and share it with their friends and the world, with global leaderboards for best times, a level discovery system that will allow players to find trending levels or categorize them by difficulty or find levels that their friends had made.

The console editions will also allow cross-platform play from PS4 to PC. However it is currently unknown if the Xbox One and Switch versions will expand their capability to allow playablity between the two consoles like they have with Minecraft and Rocket League.