The Surge gets a demo next week

While we loved Deck13’s Sci-Fi Action/Horror/RPG game The Surge, we understand if there are some people still on the edge about the title, either because you’re burnt out from every game attempting to be like Dark Souls or you’re scared of the bone crushing difficulty The Surge embodies.

Luckily, in one weeks time, you’ll be able to download a free demo to give the game a test drive. While there is no details on what will be included in the demo, we do know that PS4Pro owners will also be seeing a massive upgrade thanks to a new patch that will be available in the demo as well, which will include benefits such as HDR, dynamic 4K resolution, and 60FPS in 1080p mode.

The patch is out today for current owners of the game delivering upon the promised upgrade above on top of several tweaks and fixes. You can check out our first hour with the game below, and our review by clicking on this link.