Swery’s The Good Life will have you live your nights as a cat

“The Good Life” from the creator of Deadly Premonition and D4, Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro, definitely doesn’t sound anything like the developer’s other work, aside that it will definitely be on the strange side.

In The Good Life, players will take on the role of Naomi, a photographer from New York who visits the quite rural town of Rainy Woods which hides a “very bizarre secret”. At night, the town’s residents all turn into cats. Players are tasked with finding out why does this happen and if this is why everyone in the town is so happy?

The townspeople are not the only ones that turn into cats, once the sunsets Naomi will also get to explore Rainy Woods as a cat and collect clues and important items connected to the story. As a cat, the town becomes a different place, with secret paths, rooftops, and attics.

According to Swery, The Good Life “will inherit the spirit of Deadly Premonition, my most representative work, but it will also feature a brand new style of gameplay.”

“I’m positive that the happiest town in the world and the most bizarre townspeople in the world will capture your heart and pull you deep into their world,” Swery said in an email about the game’s announcement. “I’m sure this game will make a lot of people happy!”

Swery and his new studio, White Owls, have taken the game to Fig for crowdfunding. The campaign for this “Daily Life RPG” will go live on September 2nd.