Sub-Zero takes on the DC Universe in Injustice 2

Mortal Kombat and the DC Universe has shared some moments together, first there was the mediocre Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe title for PS3 and Xbox 360, then Scorpion was dragged into the world of Injustice and destroyed the competition. Now it seems like it’s Sub-Zero’s turn to take on the DC heroes as the next DLC fighter to join the game.

Sub-Zero acts similar to his Mortal Kombat X version, creating weapons out of ice, a variety of ice based projectiles and fast combos makes him a deadly opponent that could take on the most skilled Super Heroes. You can check out Sub-Zero in action in the trailer above.

Sub-Zero is the second fighter in the first batch of DLC fighters announced, joining Red Hood and will be followed by Teen Titan favourite Starfire. Sub-Zero is set to released in July.