Silent Hill Revelations 3D trailer and release date

In all Honesty, I loved the first Silent Hill movie and while it was a huge piece of fan service, it still holds a special place as one of my favorite movies based off a video game.The Sequel is finally ready to be seen with a release date of October 26 2012, Konami released more information on the movie in terms of cast and crew as well as the story.

Focusing on Silent Hill 3, the story follows Heather Mason who has been running away from her past for years with her father until he is mysteriously kidnapped starting a plot to bring her back to the sinister town. Sean Bean, Deborah Kara Unger and Radha Mitchell will be reprising their roles from the first movie and are being joined by Malcolm McDowell (Clockwork Orange) as Leonard Wolf, Carrie-Anne Moss (Matrix and Mass Effect Series) as Claudia Wolf, Kit Harington (Game of Thrones) as Vincent and Adelaide Clemens as Heather Mason.

There are some returning monsters as well from the trailer including the Nurses as well as series resident mannequin rapper Pyramid Head.