Sauron gets pissed if you beat Shadow of War.

While Shadow of War doesn’t release until October, Eurogamer has given a sneak peek at what happens after you beat the game.

After conquering all of Mordor, Sauron launches a counter-attack against Talion which forces players to take part in Shadow Wars missions. These missions, according to Eurogamer, are split into stages and the assaults will get progressively tougher to beat.

Unlike in the main campaign, where players will assault and conquer fortresses, Shadow Wars will have you tasked with holding capture points until all the attacking warchiefs have been conquered or killed. If you succeed you’ll be able to keep your fortress, but fail and you’ll have to retake it, and possibly embark on a rescue mission to save the orc follower who was the acting Overloard.

So what is the benefit of completing the Shadow War missions? Aside from being a beefier endgame then the original title (which was one of the major criticisms that was  had about the title) according to Eurogamer, we’re also treated to a true ending to the game which ties directly into Lord of the Rings.

We’ll just have to wait until October 10th to see how the game lead up to the movies when it launches on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Monolith also recently revealed details on Shadow of War’s micro transactions through “The Market” and details on the game’s “Social Conquest” – which serves as the game’s Multiplayer mode – which will allow you to capture your friends fortresses and defend yours from similar assaults in a similar fashion to Metal Gear Solid V’s Forward Operating Base missions.