Prey gets a May release date, new trailer

If Bethesda and Dishonored developer Arkane Studios’ Prey wasn’t on your watch list when the game was first announce, a new gameplay trailer showing off some of the powers and a glimpse of the story should change that. The trailer was released yesterday showing off some of the cool weapons you’ll be able to take on the Typhon, a mysterious black ooze-like lifeforms that protagonist Morgan Yu is studying on Talos I.

Yu, who by player choice can be male or female, is experimenting on Neuromods which are designed after the Typhon in order to give the Alien power to humans. Of course things go wrong, and Yu will have to all of his/her new powers, weapons and skills to take down the Typhon at all costs.

Bethesda also announced that the game will see a May 5th release on PS4, Xbox One and PC, with a pre-order bundle that includes the Margrave Shotgun, three neuromods, two medkits, starter fabrication materials and a recycler shielding chipset.