Phantom Dust gets a Xbox One Remaster today (Free!)

While it’s not the remake we were promised back in 2014, the Classic Xbox title Phantom Dust is being released later today as a free Play Anywhere title for Xbox One and PC. The news came from Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg who announced the title via Twitter:


To confirm, as a play anywhere title you’ll be able to bring your save files from Xbox One to PC, you’ll just need to download the game from the Windows Live Store. This offer isn’t limited and the game will be remain free forever.  The re-make is stated to have 16:9 support and “some nice frame rate updates” as well.

Phantom Dust was a game I missed out on back on the original Xbox and seeing how fans were really excited for the remake when it was announced at E3 2014, it’ll be interesting to finally get to try it out.