No Single-Player DLC for Mass Effect Andromeda

It’s been an interesting weekend for EA and Bioware who had their hands full dealing with a hoax around Mass Effect: Andromeda. Reports came in about a developer called “Sinclair Networks” which (in a now deleted Facebook Message) claimed that they were no longer working with EA on the three pieces of story-driven DLC that was planned for Andromeda.

Sinclair Network’s post focused on the fact that EA had reportedly put the Mass Effect series on hiatus, and in doing so the publisher cancelled any planned support of Andromeda in order to focus on Anthem, Bioware’s new shooter that was recently announced at E3.

However a representative of EA confirmed that they never worked with anyone at Sinclair Networks and they had nothing to do with the development of Mass Effect Andromeda. With Mass Effect Producer Fernando Melo stating that Bioware doesn’t “hire fake companies” to work on DLC and patches, while producer Mike Gamble tweeted that he “never heard of Sinclair Networks. Ever.”

Now that this hoax cancellation of the DLC has been cleared up, we can finally start to learn more about the upcoming Andromeda DLC right? Well, no. It turns out while this is a hoax, Kotaku has reported from their sources that there is no planned Story DLC coming for the latest Mass Effect title. When asked for a comment, EA has stated that they have nothing to announce at this moment.

Given the response Mass Effect Andromeda got, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see the team focus completely on Anthem in a push to make things better for their new game. The current Statement from EA doesn’t sit well for fans looking to continue the story.