Nioh Defiant Honor DLC pack out now

If you haven’t gotten frustrated by the punishing difficulty of Team Ninja’s Nioh yet, then it’s time to pick up the game’s latest DLC pack called “Defiant Honor” which adds new enemies, weapons and more. In other words, more ways to get brutally murdered and snap your controller in two.

One of the major features in the DLC pack is a battle against a legendary Samurai Sanada Yukimura, who creative director Tom Lee described as the hardest foe in the game. “His brave heroics and fearlessness in the face of death epitomizes the spirit of the samurai,” Lee said in the latest Playstation Blog update . “A perfect warrior in many respects, and for a game that is profoundly focused on life and death we could not think of a better candidate as the toughest adversary in Nioh.”

If that was not enough, players will also have to go up against a ninja named Sarutobi Sasuke, who acts as Yukimura’s bodyguard and is nearly as tough as the Samurai.

Now if you want to get killed in style, then you can now do it with a brand new weapon type to the game: The Tonfa.  “The Tonfa may also put a smile on many of the faces of our loyal Ninja Gaiden fans who are surely familiar with this impressive weapon,” Lee wrote.

Defiant Honor will cost $10 (USD) on the Playstation Store and is one of three announced DLC packs as part of the game’s season pass. The first of these packs was “Dragon of the North” and launched back in May while the third has been titled as “Bloodshed’s End” but Team Ninja has not yet released any details about the DLC.

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