NHL 18 goes into open beta

It’s almost that time of year where EA brings out its yearly sports titles but why wait to get our hands on FIFA and NFL titles when we can be playing NHL 18 today thanks to an Open Beta that is now underway.

The Beta for NHL 18 is running from now until Aug 8th and offers a couple of different modes to test out. The first is the traditional online versus mode consisting the traditional 6-6 matches which will allow you to test out the new changes to the core game.

Meanwhile, the new Threes mode gives more of an Aracde-like set up. According to EA, Threes focuses on “bigger hits, faster gameplay, and highlight-reel goals through fun three-on-three matches.” This mode supports both local and online multiplayer.

The Beta also includes the EA Sports Hockey League, a mode that focuses on your ability to play as a team with other players. This year’s Hockey League supports both six-on-six and three-on-three matches.What isn’t included in the beta is the single-player campaign mode that tasks you with completing regional circuits and challenges.

The beta is available for PS4 and Xbox One. The full game will release on September 15th.