New Screenshots for Four Goddess Online released


Four Goddess Online: Cyberdimension Neptune is taking Meta to a whole new level (considering how often the game would break the 4th wall, that’s pretty impressive.) New information and screenshots were released for the upcoming Faux-MMO which showed off some of the characters in action as well as what class our favourite Gamindustri Goddesses will be playing.

For the Sister Generation, we’ll be seeing Nepgear act as the team’s mage with Uni using stealth in the Thief Class, Ram and Rom will be a Ninja and a Warrior respectfully. Meanwhile the 4 main goddess will see Neptune as the Holy Knight, Noire as the Black Knight, Blanc as the Priest and finally Vert as the Enchantress

The game is set to release in Japan on February 9th 2017 exclusively on PS4, with no word on the North American release date at this time. This will also mark the first time the series will use the Unreal 4 engine. Check out the screenshots from Dengeki Online including some cool concept art in the gallery below!


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