Need for Speed coming back this year

While we’re a month away from E3, Ghost Games has released some information about the next title in the Need for Speed series. While details are minimal, we do know the game is currently planned for a late 2017 release.

In the news post, Ghost Games talked about the massive amount of feed back from NFS2015, which will help shape the new title. One of the major elements coming back will be the customization of the game and will play a major role in the upcoming game. Police will also make a comeback, citing that they will be “dialing up the action” on how players will be able to handle racers and police chases in the game.

The biggest piece of news though comes from one of the major discussion points of NFS2015 and it’s previous entry Rivals, the Always-Online feature. Ghost Games confirmed that the game will have a full single-player mode which can be playable offline, which will allow players to pause the game if needed.

Ghost Games did mention that they will have more to show at the EA Play event prior to E3 which will likely give us our look at customization and setting of the new game.