Megaman Legacy Collection 2 announced

Capcom has revealed a new Megaman Legacy Collection coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC on August 8th 2017. The Megaman Legacy Collection 2 will include the last of the original classic Megaman titles including Megaman 7 through to 10.

Megaman 7 was originally released for SNES and introduced the series to a new character, Bass and his robo-dog Treble. Megaman 8 was the first of the series to include animated and fully voiced cutscenes, while Megaman 9 and 10 brings the series back to its pixelated-NES roots.

While it is great to have these great Megaman titles available once again, we definitely noticed a missing entry in the Megaman Legacy Collection with Megaman and Bass, a previously Japan exclusive that never made it to North America, which this collection could have added, especially with its 4-title selection.

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