Jesus and Buddha added to Fight of the Gods.

When you think of Gods fighting each other, Zeus, Odin, Anubis and others definitely stand out as “safe” selection of religious figures. However indie developer Digital Crafter have said “F**k Safe, we’re making Jesus fight Buddha!”

I, of course, am paraphrasing, but never-the-less, Jesus and Buddha have been added to the Fight of the Gods, a 2D fighter that pits various strongest gods and religious figures though human history/mythology. Buddha is desplayed as a floating statue like being, while Jesus rips himself off of his iconic cross and uses it to provide, a rather ridiculous looking beatdown.

Fight of the Gods has been released in Early Access via Steam and currently stands at a possitive rating and the developers have promised a second wave of new fighters coming, all expected to be free for those who picked up the game. That being said, the developers want to know your pick for the next god/religious figure they should add to the game. As the press release states:

Poseidon? Ra? Loki? Quetzalcoatl? Cthulu? Korean Jesus? Somebody else? We want to know who gets your vote for the next wave of fighters! Have your say on the FIGHT OF GODS Steam Community page: