Injustice 2 shows off Atom as a new fighter

Netherrealm showed off a brand new fighter joining the cast of Injustice two, but surprisingly; it was not footage of the already announced Hellboy, who will be joining Black Manta and MK’s Raiden as part of Fighter Pack 2.

Instead we got shown The Atom, a DC hero who has the power to shrink and grow. While the power on paper sounds kind of lame for a fighting game (which also explains why Ant-man didn’t join the cast of MvCi), the team at Netherrealm seemed to have found a way to make him look like a blast to play.

Unfortunately, we have not received a date for the fighter, and information around the character has been fairly low. Speculation is that The Atom will be the first of Fighter Pack 3 to get announced, rounding out the last of the nine fighters Netherrealm announced for Injustice 2.

You can see The Atom in action in the trailer above. What do you think of the shrinking/growing hero? Let us know in the comments below!