Hype Train: Final Fantasy XV review coming soon.

I’m gonna start this off by saying my review will be coming in parts due to the size of the game itself and how I want to take time to fully grab a firm opinion of this game.



I am so excited for this game , and have been for some time . I remember being in highschool and saying to myself ” oh boy, when this drops , things are going to get heavy” but alas it did not, a game plagued with delays sometimes never ends up being anyhere near what it should be *cough* Duke Nukem Forever *cough*  , but in the case of FFXV it seems it may have been for the best.


I’ve yet to start the game but in the next few hours I will be diving in . So far in the review round ups I have seen, the game is a win , which is a relief but my own opinion is yet to be determined.




Any thoughts on FFXV of your own? Shout about it in the comments down below .


Also these videos are all kinds of dope :

FF and Eminem? match made in heaven