Survival Horror shooter The Suffering is exclusive to


A classic horror shooter (and its sequel) is seeing new life thanks to, and that is Warner Bros. The Suffering (formally published by Midway Games).

Developed by Surreal Software in 2004, The Suffering told the story of Torque, a prisoner on Death Row for murdering his wife and two children, which he does not remembers. Soon after reaching Abbot State Penitentiary, the prison is rocked by an earthquake and grotesque creatures begin to attack the residents of the prison. As Torque attempts to escape the prison, he starts to relive memories of what happened to his family.

Its sequel, The Suffering: Ties That Bind, expanded on the story showing how Torque still piecing together the night of his family’s murder and fight off more grotesque monsters based on urban legends and the criminal history of his hometown.

The game is unique for including the ability to play in both first and third person view, plus multiple endings and for some impressive monster designs that would feel at home with titles like Silent Hill. The PC version is exclusive to and can be purchased at $12.59 Canadian each, or $25.18 for both titles.