GameItAll GOTY 2016 – Best Performance Male


There were so many good performances this year thanks to the actors behind the characters that it made this list difficult (in both male and female). That being said, one game decided to not pull any punches and deliver 5 strong nominations, but can a giant mech and a vietnam war vet out for revenge take out some of the most well known treasure hunters in gaming?



Alex Hernandez as Lincoln Clay – Mafia 3

Richard McGonagle as Victor Sullivan – Uncharted 4

Nolan North as Nathan Drake Uncharted 4

Troy Baker as Samuel Drake – Uncharted 4

Glenn Steinbaum as BT-7274 – Titanfall 2


Nolan North as Nathan Drake Uncharted 4

Next to Lara Croft, Nathan Drake is gaming’s most well known treasure hunter. This had been because of the character’s attitude towards danger, and his overall sense of humour, which have been widely contributed to Nolan North’s work with the character. Uncharted 4 was the swan song that the series deserved to go out on and Nolan brought the performance dedicated to that.

One thing is for sure, if the Uncharted series continues on without our favourite video game couple, Nathan and Elena, they both will be very missed.