Gal*Gun 2 announced for 2018 on PS4 and Switch

2016’s Gal*Gun was certainly an experience to play, it was a moe-inducing railshooter featuring the ability to shoot your love all over the place causing almost orgasmic levels of happiness on all the girls who were attempting to confess your love, and plenty of moments when you hope no one walks in on you in fear of attempting to explain what is exactly happening (the developers even included a panic button for when of this.)

So when PQube and Inti Creates announced a sequel to Gal*Gun coming to Europe and North America in Q1 of next year, I was actually excited!

Gal*Gun 2 gives us a new set of characters including a new demon-hunting angel and two new heroines that the story will make you choose between – the “girl next door” Chiru, who happens to be a total shut-in, and your childhood friend and classmate Nanako.

Meanwhile the game adds a new Demon-Sweeper sidearm which allows players to stun demons possessing girls with a well place pheromone shot and then suck them up with the new tool. The press release also promises that we “might even find some new things to suck up…”

Returning from the first title will be the request board which gives you bonus missions to do while traversing through levels. Also returning is the game’s most (in)famous mode, Doki-Doki mode, which… well you can read about it in our review.

Gal*Gun 2 is currently set for a Q1 2018 release date and will be available on PS4 and for the first time, Nintendo Switch! No word on a PC port at this time.