Friday the 13th The Game gets a release date

Horror fans will finally get the chance to step in the undead serial killing shoes of Jason Vorhees next month as Gun Media has announced that the upcoming Asymmetrical Multiplayer slasher based on the long running Friday the 13th franchise will be available on May 26th 2017 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Initially planned to launch last year, the game was delayed to early 2017 add fan requested features including single-player missions. When the game launches however, it will be a strictly multiplayer title, with the single-player campaign to follow as a free update to the game later in the Summer.¬†While it’s not early 2017 anymore, the developers have apologized citing that it had taken longer to get the ratings than anticipated, but they have been approved in places that they were worried would be banned.

The game will feature multiple costume for Jason, as well as plenty of victims… I mean Camp counsellors… that will be fully customizable with different clothes and perks. You can check out the gory gameplay in the video above!

The May 26th release date is only for the Digital copy of the game, which is slated for a $39.99USD price. A physical edition will be released at a later time but will be priced at $59.99USD.