Five Nights At Freddy’s movie gets a director, Animatronics from Henson Company


Two days ago, Deadline reported that Warner Bros. had found a director for the upcoming Five Nights At Freddy’s movie, based on the hit indie horror game of the same name. Gil Kenan, who directed Monster House and the recent Poltergeist remake, will be taking on the film about the murderous Pizzeria Robots and honestly I don’t think they could find a director more enthusiastic for the film.

Gil has been answering questions about the upcoming film on his twitter account, letting loose some tidbits of info to help us get really excited for it, the first being an early pick of what we can expect Freddy Fazbear and the gang to look like.



According to the director’s instagram, the movie’s creepy Animatronics will be practical and built by the Henson Creature Shop. “I want this to be crazy practical – that’s what makes animatronics so unnerving – they’re REAL,” Kenan said in a reply to a question over Twitter.

Kenan has stated that he is a major fan of the series, and is working with series creator Scott Cawthon. While the script is still in production, we do know that the movie will be canon to the series’ universe, won’t be a re-hash of the games, and will involve different locations.

As someone who enjoys the lore of the FNaF series (and the work of the Henson Creature Shop,) I cannot wait to see more of what the movie has to offer.