Fire Pro Wrestling World’s Early Access features announced

Spike Chunsoft latest iteration of the beloved 2D wrestling game – Fire Pro Wrestling World, will be coming to Steam Early Access later this summer. Today, the development team has released some details on what exactly you can expect from the upcoming wrestling game.

One of the first things that have been officially announced is the different match types. Like all good wrestling games, you’ll have different types of matches to chance up the pace and provide additional excitement for the audience, in Fire Pro World, players will be able to play the classics – Normal, Tag, Cage, Title Match, and Battle-Royale which can be modified to have over the rope eliminations, survival fights and more. What Fire Pro changes up is the unique battles which includes Electrified Barbed Wire, Landmines, and Gruesome Fighting which places players in a 12-sided caged ring and sets up for a MMA style match.

The developers have also confirmed that while most of the match types listed above will be available on the Online Mode, Early Access will focus on 1v1 matches. The post also mentioned that the series famed Edit Mode which will allow you to customize everything from the championship belt, rings and wrestlers, however did not express the extent of the customization or gave details about the tools

Another new feature announced were based on gameplay, with a new Exchange Blows feature which tests the wrestlers fighting spirit in a back-and-forth slugfest to prove whose better,  and the new Okite Yaburi move, which allows you once per match steal your opponents finishing move as the ultimate sign of disrespect.

There is more to come from Fire Pro Wrestling, and if you want more details about the game’s match types and some of the new moves you can see in the game, check out the game’s steam page.