Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer goes to beta

Final Fantasy XV Comrades

Square Enix announced that a closed test (beta) for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer expansion will be happening between Thursday August 3rd (5am Pacific) until Wednesday, August 9th (12am Pacific). The test will allow players to create a custom avatar and join up with three friends to take part in quests to bring Light back to the Kingdom of Lucis.

In order to participate in the test, you’ll need to meet certain entry conditions. Mainly that you need the game’s season pass and a subscription to either Playstation Plus or Xbox Live Gold. When the mode is launched, players will need to purchase the Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Expansion DLC or have the game’s season pass to access the multiplayer portion.

Square Enix outlined several factors about the upcoming test and how it will be different from the full version, such as Outposts, which will act as a base camp in the demo, will be a full city with more features. Another chance is the combat, as players will be able to choose from Katana, Clubs, Daggers, and Shurikens with different attack patterns from Noctis, the full version will include polearms, crossbows, and shield weapons including different attack patterns, preset abilities, and can be leveled up by meeting certain conditions.

The test will be limited to three quest, with three legs to each quest, meanwhile the full game will expand to feature storylines as well as access to some of the single player quests and allow players to choose AI companions if they don’t want to be matched up.

One of the great features in Final Fantasy XV was the cooking (because that food looked absolutely amazing) and this feature will be carried over to multiplayer as well, players will be able to retrieve on ingredient per person per quest, and have the camp cook prepare a meal afterwards.

The multiplayer DLC is definitely shaping up to be more than what we expected when we first heard about the mode prior to the game’s launch and almost sounds like a completely different game. The full release date of Comrades has not ben confirmed at the moment. The Season Pass currently includes the two previously released DLC stories featuring Gladious and Promto, and will include Comrades and Ignis story chapter as well.