Final Fantasy XV : Day 2 & 3

Back to it with another update on my journey so far into FFXV.



I’ve been taking my time playing this game because I really want to cherish it, I want to be impressed and I want the wait to have been worth it, and so far all of those things are a reality.

My second day I spent with my companions doing side quests and hunts.  The side quests that were presented were varied between finding parts for the car, grinding for upgrade materials for weapons  or hunting monsters . Monster hunts are my favorite so far mainly because they are straight forward; go here, kill this , make gil. As straight forward as these hunts are, it’s the monsters you fight that add diversity, whether it be a night time battle against goblins or a day time battle against a obscenely large flan. These side quests add variety and play time to the game and serve as a quick wallet stuffer.

The story has progressed a little bit for me thus far , I finally opened up the Duscae section of the map , which involved fighting a very large mech suit (I love mech suits ) in a battle that took me to the edge of my health bars, and kept me struggling to find a new strategy to take down the machination .



Duscae is vastly different from the beginning area called Leide . Where Leide has a vast desert similar to that of Mad Max, Duscae is a lush wet land full of wildlife and greenery. The side quests again fill up as you progress into the new area as well as a handful of new outposts and so far a city called Lestallum. Lestallum is filled with winding alleys and a slew of new vendors which is nice to see in contrast to the gas station outposts and the ever pricey Galdin Quay.


Worth mentioning on this day is Prompto’s fascination with Chocobos, and ho this fascination lead us to a Chocobo ranch . At the ranch we found out that the rentals weren’t available due to a large behemoth known as Deadeye was targeting the livestock . Being the princely A-hole that I am , and out of my own interest in riding an oversized chicken I accepted the offer to hunt down the big son of a bitch . What followed was a very tense game of cat and mouse involving chasing the hulking brute through fog and to finally battle him in the confines of his lair. The battle was not as hard as I thought it would be but that was mainly because due to my grinding and questing I had finally grasped the concept of using my team to the full capability. In one moment I used all three abilities in a new technique mechanic which uses up points garnered in battle, in one swift moment I had Prompto take a precision shot with a revolver, Gladiolus taking a giant swing with his war sword and finally Ignis threw his daggers marking multiple points on the behemoth that I could warp strike to and hit multiple times. By the end I had felled the great beast and finally was able to blissfully ride chocobos to my heart’s desire.






To top off the journey after such an intense battle and an equally intense chocobo ride, I settled with doing a side quest that involved catching frogs and ended up being challenged to a fishing competition that I could not pass up.



All in all the game continues to keep me occupied although I fear I am nearing the point of where it turns to a more linear approach, which isn’t necessarily bad.

My final and full review will come shortly after the next update or two but rest assured, it is coming.


Have your own adventures to tell? sound off below !


and to tease what comes next , I will leave you with this :