Final Fantasy XIV Online Exceeds 10 Million Players

Before the Realm was reborn, I’d probably laugh at you if you said that Final Fantasy XIV Online would exceed 10 Million users in its playerbase. Now, thanks to constant and consistent title updates that has provided players with new content, it’s fairly easy to believe.

Square Enix’s announcement that 10 Million players (which includes both paying players and players who are using the free trial) follows the release of the most recent expansion, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, which expands in-game content with two new playable jobs, and increased level cap, and a storyline that takes you to previously unexplored lands.

Content patches that will follow will bring in high-level raids, enhancements to job classes and several other new features. The milestone also coincides with the release of patch 4.06 and the Moonfire Faire seasonal event in which players can take part in new quests including facing off against Ultros.

If you want to see what Final Fantasy XIV has to provide yourself but don’t want to commit just yet to the MMO, then you can check out the Free Trial which grants access to all available content up to Level 35, create up to 8 playable characters and allows you to try the different races, classes and jobs with no restrictions on playtime.