Fight of the Gods set to release on Steam this Summer

The fighting genre has been seeing some life this year with title like For Honor, Injustice 2 and the upcoming Marvel vs Capcom Infinite getting a lot of attention, however they’re not alone as a surprise PC exclusive title Fight of the Gods has announced a Summer release and looks fantastic so-far.

The game focuses on Gods and Deities from various religions and mythologies as they clash in order to save the world or destroy it. The game is a 2D 4-button fighter that promises “tremendous depth” by utilizing the characters godly powers, and will come with all the trimmings that we can expect from a modern fighter. Currently only 6 Gods have been announced including Zeus, Odin, Sif, Athena, Anubis and Guan Gong.

The game is being developed by Digital Crafter, a small indie team who previously worked on mobile games, and will be published by PQube. It’ll be interesting to see how the game shapes up from here, as with most fighting games, if it is balanced, fast, and fun to play, there is no doubt that this indie title will find some love amongst the community who is constantly looking for new comers to the genre.

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